FW: [WWI] voisin 10 LAR and LAS differences

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 11 02:38:44 EST 2005

Well, I have a reputation at the model group i hang out with for building 
stuff no one else will touch.  I'm definately going to rebuild the tail 
booms with either brass or more likely styrene rod or tube.  The kit stuff 
is just too flimsy.  It's also warped, but hot water cured most of that in 
about 15 minutes.

At least nobody can tell you you're doing it wrong.  I just wonder about the 
color scheme.  All black is borring, but for the night bomber, I don't know 
what else would work.  The NASM one is all silver, but it's not a night 
bomber.  The Paris one is green and brown on the nacelle, but I don't know 
about the wings or tail.  The instructions are kind of vague on it and 
there's no color/marking guide.

The resin's a bit chunky(think Engines 'N' Things), but nothing thats not 
workable.  I think most of it will look ok under paint.

I don't know about this one.  I think going into it with a positive attitude 
will be important as well as realizing that all the details aren't going to 
be spot on cause of the lack of ref material.  This thing will either become 
the pride of the collection or my modelling doom.  We'll see.  I have only 
the finishing touches on my CSM Pfalz Dr.I to do, which has been on my bench 
forever.  With that completed, I also just completed a WWII subject that was 
a work bench queen.  I won't have much else half complete that I plan on 
completing anytime soon, so something like that Voisin might be a good 


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>       My advice to you is to build that bad boy.  I will buy one.  After
>you have suffered through the build, I will then note all the trouble
>spots you had, and then build mine.  :)

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