[WWI] Fw: Marcio s website

MARCIO ANTONIO DE CASTRO CAMPOS marcio.campos at brturbo.com.br
Thu Feb 10 13:24:55 EST 2005

> Neater pictures of the old classics. But some of the pictures doesn't show
> on the pages or the links are broken! Check this please.

Uh-oh. Already found errors in one Alb D.III pic, and two Jacobs' Dr.I pics. Couldn't check the other pages yet.

In time: kits you already knew and have new pics are the Hess's Albatros D.III and Heldmann's Pfalz D.III. I think the Jacobs's Dr.I is new to you. I consider this one my best build till now. There's also the Kustner's D.VII, which is yet to appear online. You may have noticed I deleted the Fokker D.VII page and created a JGII one.

All the best from Brazil

(new e-mail: marcio.campos at brturbo.com.br - different from the previous one by the addition of a ".br" in the end - server problems here in Curitiba)

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