[WWI] Web site update

Marcio Antonio Campos marcio.campos at brturbo.com.br
Thu Feb 10 08:04:11 EST 2005


thanks to the marvel of digital photography I was able to take new pics of my old kits (using my brother's camera - I'm still loyal to the old ways) - and finally take pics of my most recent (i.e. 2003 - blushing) builds... I've put them (except the Kustner's raven - I still need to build a special Jasta 18 page) in my website, www.modelismo-ww1.cjb.net - I know it's in Portuguese but I hope it'll be easy to navigate (some of you already know it). Soon I'll send pics to the list gallery.

Of course, pay attention to Diego's hilarious illustrations!

All the best from Brazil


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