[WWI] The FOX-TROT Nieuport??

Mikko Saarela saarela.mikko at kolumbus.fi
Thu Feb 10 05:11:04 EST 2005


I've finished my Eduard Morane N. I'll take photos as soon as we'll get one 
sunny day. Now I'm back - after almost 3 years - in a very dear subject, 
Eduard Nieuports! I looked inside the box of the new Nieuport 16 edition and 
started to wonder about  this Belgian Fox-Trot Nieuport again, possibly 
N1407.  Last time I wondered about it, when I got the Blue Rider Sheet of 
Belgian Nieuports some 3 years ago.

In the WS Datafile Special Nieuport Fighters vol. 1 there is a photo and a 
colour profile of this plane. The scout has no headrest, it has a Nieuport 
11 type horseshoe cowling and seems to have also a 80 hp Le Rhône 9C engine. 
And still, the text claims it to be Nieuport 16. Is it a mistake, or am I 
making a mistake here? Does the serial 1407 indicate it being a Nie 16? Or 
is it mistakenly considered to be a Nie 16 because of the Le Prieur rockets 
mounted on the v-struts. These are usually seen in Nie 16s, aren't they?

Yours Mikko 

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