[WWI] voisin 10 LAR and LAS differences

J.R. Boye mercyandhope at juno.com
Thu Feb 10 01:43:25 EST 2005

Hi Chris ;
     As I see it, you can build the Voisin now with the best references
you can get, or put it away until those are available ( maybe not in your
lifetime ). Research is part of the fun, and you may want to give
yourself a limited time to find out all you can, then build. New facts
are always coming to light in this hobby, that's just part of it. I redo
stuff sometimes because of this, but those are the risks. Even the real
restorations get revised at times.
     The reason to build this plane is because it IS cool, and your
friend will be suitably impressed, and so will you. 
                                                                J.R. Boye

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