[WWI] voisin 10 LAR and LAS differences

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 9 22:11:55 EST 2005

That's true, Warren.  I think I should just take a deep breath and build 
with abandon like the 10 year old in me wants to.  After all, who's gonna 
tell me I'm wrong?  They'll have no proof.

Either way, this kit's gonna take some courage to start and more to finish.  
Never again am I gonna listen to my armor building friend who said "that 
looks cool, you should get that," when he points at something like a Voisin.


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>Chris realizes:
>"Thanks for the help, guys.  I'm not sure at this point if it clears it
>up or opens up a bigger can of worms, or both."
>It opens up a can of worms, trust me.
>"This is turning into a bad project."
>Ha!  You chose a Voisin.
>"I may have to wait until someone comes out with a book or something on
>this plane."
>Chris, don't hold your breath pard, some have been waiting years for
>this to happen.
>"There just isn't much on it."
>Compared to Albatri, Camels, and SE5's, you're right, but then you *did*
>get into doing WWI a/c for a change of pace, eh?
>Fan of French a/c

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