[WWI] Caudron G6, Part deux

David Layton sagittarius_rising at charter.net
Wed Feb 9 20:03:42 EST 2005

I had an issue with the follow up to the G6 article which I will discuss in
a letter to OTF.  The author uses a term "what is thought to be the G6
prototype" on the photos of the twin tailed aircraft, even though the photo
is labelled as a G5.  My question is if the photo was marked G5 closer to
the time of its existance than the author's use of it, why does the author
think it is a G6?  He does not give a single thought to back this and I
think he is incorrect.

My thoughts.  As many know, I have been studying the Caudron G6 and did a
set of drawings back in in 2001.  I have never seen it stated anywhere that
the G6 was ever built as a three seat aircraft.  The G5 was.  My supposition
is that it was realized that a 2 seater was more effective and could more
easliy make use of the power plant and wing package.  The 2 seater that came
out of the G5 project was the G6.

Any 3 seater in the two articles can be assumed to be a G5.  The differences
are the longer nose and the second set of forward bracing struts.

A photo fo a G5 appears in the first article and its markings are applied to
a G6 profile.  oops.  The twin tailed aircrag is a G5 whose 4 longerons have
been altered so that the "knife edge" at the tail is horizontal and not
vertical.  Again, a 3 place layout would indicate that it is a G5.

However, I am happy to see more attention to the G6 being made.

Has anyone noticed on the 1/72 Roden Albatros DIII (Hantlemann) model that
it is shooting down a Caudron G6? Albeit the 'tin nose' as depicted is

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