[WWI] Eduard DH2 Instrument Panel Question

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 9 17:55:20 EST 2005

Mike says

>I received the reply, below, from Mr Sulc at Eduard
>regarding the three sets of instrument panel
>configurations shown in the plans for the new 1/48
>scale kit.
>Does anyone have any info on this that we can pass
>back to Vladimir?

As Lance (I think!) said, they vary almost aircraft to aircraft.

Eduard would do itself a lot of good by putting a tiny note in the 
instructions when this sort ofg thing occurs saying something along the 

"The layout of cockpit instruments varied widely. We are unable to prove 
which is correct for any of these aircraft, so modellers are given three 
alternatives which are known to have been used"

...tells the truth, and shows that Eduard cares about it AND just wants to 
give the modeller a head start

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