[WWI] FrenchStrutter Decals

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Wed Feb 9 17:19:46 EST 2005

Well, once again I managed to bungle things. I have been working on the 
Roden Strutter, doing the French 1-seater version. I swapped decals with 
someone on the list awhile ago so I could get the French insignia with the 
white swan on a blue/red disc. I was surprised at how easily the kit went 
together...it is the first Roden kit I've built. Anyway, I applied the 
decals....applied Future...waited 3 days and began handling the model. Sure 
enough, my thumb pulled up and destroyed 1/2 of the decal.
    Anyway...somebody out there willing to trade/sell/donate the decals with 
the swan? All I need are the swans, since I am doing it in Dutch marking 
after it was interned.
Mike, "Clumsy Fingers" Muth 

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