[WWI] Un autre Caudron

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Feb 9 15:03:36 EST 2005

> i don't know if this is of use: j.m.bruce's fighters vol. 4 has a sketch 
> of
> r.11 a 3 which shows the stabilizer ribs angled to the axis.
> might of course be conjectural ...

I have the drawing but it doesn't agree with others I have found... and I 
have yet to find a clear picture of the tail of a R.11. A few months ago 
someone posted a link with pictures of a German Album on sale on Ebay, and 
these show a French Caudron bomber captured and being hauled away, including 
a nice shot of the tail... but according to my refs the plane could be a 
Caudron R.4 or something like that (completely different nacelles, etc.). 
Anyway, the R.4 seems to have parallel ribs. And I have yet to know if they 
coincide with the positions of the control surfaces...

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