[WWI] Re: Rosemont

Martín Hector Afflitto Echagüe mhae at fibertel.com.ar
Wed Feb 9 13:39:49 EST 2005

 Regarding Barry,
 you know I'm in the very South,
said in good Latin in "Culis Mundis". (In the A... of the world)
I've bought  his stuff many times;they've reached Buenos Aires
 without trouble at all.Only once  there was a problem with our post office,
and he solved it perfectly well.
I must say that I'm used to wait, the first time I bought sth. overseas was
in 1968 in England,
I took 8 months to arrive (there wasn't any internet)
Between the old currency english system,the many letters sent by post,
I never knew how much money my parents spent.
That taught me the Zen of buying overseas.
Patience and next of keen love.


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