[WWI] voisin 10 LAR and LAS differences

Michael Arlt mia at agenturk13.de
Wed Feb 9 11:51:16 EST 2005

am 09.02.2005 4:02 Uhr schrieb Chris Savaglio unter csavaglio at hotmail.com:

> What are the major differences between the two versions?  Mostly, I noticed
> the nose.  Can I safely use photos of the LAS for reference for the general
> configuration for the hitech LAR kit?  The kit doesn't come with any photos
> or pics of the completed airframe except a profile drawing.  Also, does
> anyone have any sites or pics of the LAR in color?  The kit's pretty vague
> and the memorial flight site doesn't show anything more than the nacelle
> finished.
> Thanks
> Chris

the las in paris is an l type 3 i.i.r.c., the hi-tech lar an l type x (10).
these are different aircraft in the voisin l type evolution. apart from
different layout of nacelles, rudders, fuel tanks etc. the type x is bigger,
heavier and driven by a more powerful engine - r stands for a renault
inliner, s for a salmson radial. the a indicates machine gun armament. i
fear this is the only thing both machines have in common ...


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