[WWI] Fokker DVII Decals wanted

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 8 23:10:19 EST 2005

I am looking to buy or trade for the Aztec Decals for Alois Heldmann. These 
are included on the Sheet # 4826. I have Americals SE5 decals for 56 Sq.,and 
Storks Decals from N/SPA 26, 73, and 103. Also many Aeromaster Partials for 
DVIIs, Tripes, Pfalz. etc. I would also pay a reasonable price for these 
markings. If you have the sheet and do not intend to use the Heldmann 
Markings please contact me at: ragfokker at hotmail.com
Rick G.

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