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Let say my sixth one...
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  At least my fifth attempt to send this email...
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    Hi friends,

    For my only second participation in a contest, I obtained a "gold" with
my Albatros DIII Oeffag BA253 in Polish version (kit Roden 1/72) at the
Ransart Expo (Belgium) that week-end. You can see a pic of my model here:


    Decals (Sworl and Polish checkers) are from Blue Rider; I added the PART
photoetch; plywood was obtained with a base of Vallejo acrylic "Wood" +
aequous pencil + Klir (European equivalent of Future). Rigging was made with
fishing thread.

    Silver medal was obtained by a German F-104 at 1/72 scale (splendid
painting work!); bronze by a Triebflügel HUMA 1/72.



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