[WWI] Rosemont??

Mr.T dr-i.417.17 at cox.net
Tue Feb 8 18:17:34 EST 2005

On the honeymoon back in October the new Mrs and I hunted down Barry
(Berry?) and his shop.

Mind you his shop is roughly 20"x 40' in a little old 1920's vingage brick
building in the middle of nowhere PA. It is a one man PART TIME operation.
PERIOD. He's chief cook, bottle washer, logistics specialist, designer,
production manager, production techician, packer and mailer.  ONE GUY.  He
stocking and storing other peoples kits, DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING his own
line of kits, and holding down a full time job too.  His web site and
magazine adds imply that he's a littel bigger than that but he's not.  At
the time of the visit he said he really only had 3 days a week plus Saturday
to work the shop.

And he is a very good hearted, well intentioned guy.  However, from my short
conversation, his shortest chain is dealing with rude customers.  Folks who
expect Platinum service from a debit card card level of purchases.

Give him a break, call him, if you can reach him when he's there, be polite,
and I'm sure he'll be willing to work out your problems.


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