[WWI] FW: Tapes, ribs, and battens

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Tue Feb 8 13:16:34 EST 2005

(Third time trying to send this)

Well, the list is back up, but it's still slow.  Time for a question:

     I was looking through DF#32 (revised ed.) on the SPAD XIII, when I
noted the following on page 26 regarding a photo on p.27.  On may 24th.
1917 it was reported that Mssrs. Bleriot had started sewing the fabric
to the wing ribs of SPAD VII's with string as opposed to fastening it to
the ribs with small tacks. (Does this mean using battens?  I think so.)
   Now, looking at images of SPAD VII and XIII wings will show them
taped, and with very little, if any, of the ribs standing out.  This is
in marked contrast to a good many Nieuport 11/16's and 17's where, on a
great many at least, the ribs are very prominent.  At least I thought
they were ribs.  Looking at the DF special on Nieuport fighters (vol.1)
a good while back, I noticed in the close up shot of the Belgian
Nieuport 11/16 "SOIT!" some very, very prominent battens.
   I know battens were popular on Moranes and such, but I am wondering
now after reading that quote from the report if ALL Nieuports had their
fabric attached to the wings in this way??  Most??
   Any clues folks?  Please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.


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