[WWI] Eduard 1/48 DH2

Lance Krieg lance.krieg at amerus.com
Tue Feb 8 11:44:09 EST 2005

I'll try this again, but I keep getting bounced....

Michael asks:

"Is it panel "A" goes with aircraft "B", or panel "C" with aircraft
"B", but not "A", or..." 

At one point I did considerable research into the DH2, and can tell you
with some authority that whatever answer you get from Eduard will be
pure guesswork.  Many of those earlier planes were fitted with
instruments at the request of and in the locations preferred by
individual pilots, and they were very easy to move around within the
nacelle.  I'd feel free to pick the one I liked the best and use it.

For a definitive model on the subject, consider Tom Morgan's effort in
Windsock or at:



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