[WWI] 2004 tour of British hot spots

ssj at mustang.sr.unh.edu ssj at mustang.sr.unh.edu
Sat Feb 5 22:34:24 EST 2005

Finally got around to uploading photos from Knut Erik Hagen's visit to OT 
hot spots of UK late 2004.
These include:
   - SHuttleworth
   - RAF Museum Hendon
   - London Science Museum
   - Southampton hall of aviation
Subjects include :
   - Bleriot XI
   - Avro 504K, Triplane
   - Avro Triplane
   - Sopwith Tabloid, Pup, Camel, Triplane
   - Bristol Boxkite, Monoplane
   - Blackburn Monoplane
   - RAF SE.5a
   - Airco DH9
   - Vickers Gunbus
   - Deperdussin
   - Vickers Gunbus
   - Hanriot HD.1
   - Wight Quadroplane

All photos can be explored through the search engine.


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