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Sat Feb 5 20:46:40 EST 2005

Warren Dickinson wrote:

>Oh, and I forgot to mention, the comic book "Enemy Ace" clinched it for
>me.  Any other "Enemy Ace"/Baron von Hammer, "The Hammer of Hell" fans
>out there on the list?  Remember his Spad-driving nemesis "The Hangman"
>and his black Spad?
>In a similar vein of the 'Toon Tracker website, I made a post on the
>Aerodrome, and the son of the artist who drew the comic wrote me.
>Who finally found out what happened to the Baron in the post war period.
I , too, was awed and enamored by the legend of Hans von Hammer, The 
Enemy Ace.
In the pages of his comic book I was introduced to something other than 
Albatroses, Nieuports,
Sopwiths and Fokkers.  My favorite story has to be issue #148 of "Star 
Spangled War Stories"
in a story entitled "Luck is a Puppy Named Schatzi!".  Robert Kanigher 
(writer) and
Joe Kubert (artist) were a terrific team.  Indeed, Kubert is one of my 
many influences as an
artist.  To this day, I have an almost complete collectin of his adventures.
Below is a link for more info on "The Enemy Ace".



Brian Riedel

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