[WWI] Dentist trip with a bonus

David C. Fletcher dcf at mars.ark.com
Sat Feb 5 20:02:42 EST 2005

Bruce Dyck wrote:
> I just returned from a trip to the dentist, and a pocket full of tools...

I ended up with over 140 bits by talking nicely to a dental technician. 
  Next time, ask if you can get some of the stuff they use for making 
moulds - it's called Algenate (sp?).  It is great for quick moulds, but 
is shrinks when dry.  This, however, can be turned to the modeller's 
advantage as the shrink rate is consistent so you can cast a 1/48th 
scale part and in a couple of stages end up with a 1/72nd scale piece 
(if that's your particular perversion).  Also when dry, the stuff makes 
quiet convincing cushions or other upholsteey and can be carved, sanded 
etc., easily.  A dentist's office is a gold mine for a modeller...

Dave Fletcher

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