[WWI] Added:Fokker D.VII OAW and more!

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 5 11:16:53 EST 2005

Thanks for all the compliments, guys.

It's a Roden kit, so it's a bit finicky in places.  The way the nose mounts 
to the fuselage is necessary to allow all the different versions, but the 
fit isn't the best.  And on the early planes, there shouldn't be a panel 
line where the nose meets the fuselage since its all fabric up to the metal 
panels.  On the aircraft I did, the seperate nose section ends about 1/3 of 
the way back into the first section of lozenge.  That area needs to be 
puttied and smoothed.

The only other area to worry about is in the nose again.  The instructions 
show using the engine mount/foward fuse frame even when you're mounting the 
panels closed.  There's some framework molded into the sides of the panels, 
so if you do it like the instructions say, the nose doesn't come close to 
fitting together right.  So, if you're gonna close the nose up, don't use 
the frame pieces.  If you're gonna have one side open, use the frame only on 
that side.  The cabane struts will need some playing with since they have to 
work with both the frame and the solid panels, but this is just trimming, 
measuring, and dryfitting, nothing outside the realm of the average biplane 

Oh, if you plan on doing an aircraft with full lozenge upper wings and 
fuselage, pick up an aftermarket set of lozenges.  There was just enough to 
do what I did without messing up any strips.  There's plenty of lower 
lozenge to do it though.  I suppose if you pieced a bunch of 1/2" long 
strips together you could pull it off.


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