[WWI] Eduard 1/48 DH2

Michael Scott mds549 at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 4 19:52:02 EST 2005

(Yes, I've already called Rick E on his mobile phone
at work to tell him, "It's here!", geek that I am. Now
that I've gotten that off my chest...)
I shamelessly downloaded the instructions at work and
printed them on the color printer and took them to
lunch and slopped Vietnamese food on them while
reading and eating simultaneously and although I can't
find one in stock anywhere, I do have a question...
Seems this aircraft kit offers three different
instrument panel configurations, un-helpfully not
identified as such, like A, B and C..., but the three
are there in the instructions none-the-less. But,
there are only two different aircraft configurations
(A and B) offered and nowhere that I can see are the
three panels matched with the two aircraft.
Is it panel "A" goes with aircraft "B", or panel "C"
with aircraft "B", but not "A", or... 
So, I've emailed Eduard for the answer.



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