[WWI] ID help requested

Steve Cox steve at oldglebe.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Feb 4 19:29:27 EST 2005

on 4/2/05 8:02 pm, Knut Erik Hagen at knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no wrote:

>> I can't believe it!  It's the Z.F.W. D.11 3/4!  Otherwise known as the
>> Snardvaark.  It was designed by Icelandic engineer Guarun
>> Porvaldsdottir who emigrated to Bavaria in 1909 to pursue his passion
>> of aircraft building.
> The Icelanders still use the same naming conventions as the Vikings,
> they have no family names as such, but as last name use their fathers
> name with "dottir" added if a girl or "son" if son.
> The only exception is if the father is unknown or not acknowledged,
> then the child will have the mothers name + "dottir" or "son"
> - difficult to hide if you are born out of sin on Iceland...
> A bit more useless trivia from
>        Eders
> Knut Erik Gudbrandson
And is Gudbrand a boy or girls name?

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