[WWI] ID help requested

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Fri Feb 4 15:02:29 EST 2005

>I can't believe it!  It's the Z.F.W. D.11 3/4!  Otherwise known as the  
>Snardvaark.  It was designed by Icelandic engineer Guarun  
>Porvaldsdottir who emigrated to Bavaria in 1909 to pursue his passion  
>of aircraft building.  
The Icelanders still use the same naming conventions as the Vikings,
they have no family names as such, but as last name use their fathers
name with "dottir" added if a girl or "son" if son.
The only exception is if the father is unknown or not acknowledged,
then the child will have the mothers name + "dottir" or "son" 
- difficult to hide if you are born out of sin on Iceland...

A bit more useless trivia from
Knut Erik Gudbrandson

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