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Subject: [WWI] Your first scratch built model
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Ok all I have the next question;
When and what was your first scratch built model?.
My short story;

Not exactly my first scratchbuilt in it's entirety, but I did cut my teeth 
converting a whole pile of the Airfix 1/76 Mark I tanks to various and sundry 
versions and marks.  I think the first one was converting the Mark I into an 
actually Mark I. The kit itself isn't actually a Mark I as kitted.  Next came the 
supply tank and the engineer tank, then a conversion from a male to a female 
(technically a transgender operation, I suppose).  Then came a Mark I to a 
Mark IV.  The old Airfix magazine had a bunch of articles on converting Airfix 
kits.  I also tried my hand at a scratchbuilt A7V, which was, to be honest, less 
than stellar and ended upon the scrap heap when I found a Modakit vacuform 
A7V.  That ended up being my first vacform, which I still have in my collection, 
BTW.  But I guess first vacform is a tale for another day.  Sadly, my 
collection of WWI tanks was destroyed when the Hobby and Art shop in Kirkland 
Washington burned down many long years ago.

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