[WWI] Your first scratch built model

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Fri Feb 4 10:23:52 EST 2005

> Ok all I have the next question;
> When and what was your first scratch built model?.
Paralling your story.  In the late 50's early 60's there was a cartoon series about an Alaskan Bush pilot, for the life of me I can't remembe the name but he flew one of the funky Bellancas with the huge lift struts.  I asked Dad for a model of it.  He took some pine 1x2 to the table saw and made a high wing plane with a prop that spins,and I remember wheel berings for tires.

On to 8th grade, (1967-68 St. Ferdinand Elementary, Florissant MO. northern St. Louis suburb) we had an art project to carve or otherwise do something artsy that wasn't on paper.  I'd just got the Profile Pub on the AD-1 Skyraider.  Don't know how or why I chose that one but out came the balsa, and an unpainted 3D rendering of the profiled airplane went to school two days later.  Teacher was befuddled, was a warplane, had proof that the carving match the real thing, but it met the criteria of being carved and looked good too.

Went RC flying last night. One of the members came out with an OLD Sterling 1/6 scale (sorta) Fokk. D-VII.  Flew very well.


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