[WWI] Why has no-one mentioned the Eduard February newsletter??

Daniel Clamot daniel.clamot at skynet.be
Thu Feb 3 11:32:20 EST 2005

Hi everybody,

Just received yesterday the Albatros DIII Limited Edition; I confirm that 
the photo etch is more important than the one included in the "normal" 
profipack version. So it's the same for the Pfalz, as Eduard explained in 
his "politic of release of limited edition kits".

On the other hand, I don't like the fact that Eduard don't want in the 
future to re-issue out-of-stock kits... I will have to buy some DII's in a 
short delay now...



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> ......because I was out. They say the Pfalz has more PE. Oh, joy. 
> Not.Still,
> I've made (badly) a BM DH2, have another and one of Tomasz's PE sets, but
> will nonetheless do my bit and get an Eduard one as well. I'm a good boy
> that way.
> Paul.

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