[WWI] Your first scratch built model

John Marco john at modelartbymarco.com
Fri Feb 4 04:34:50 EST 2005

Ok all I have the next question;
When and what was your first scratch built model?.
My short story;
It was when I was seven years old and had been building plastic kits now for
two years, my Dad one day said to me, son these darn plastic kits have taken
all the skill out of building a model, I would like to show you how to make
a solid wood model and I said ok Daddy lets go do it ;-) and that Saturday
morning Dad and I went to the lumber yard and got a nice peace of unknotted
pine, went back to the house and down to the work shop we went, my Dad
thought that the Spirit of St. Louis would be a nice simple shape, so away
we went at it and about three hours later we had a body, then came the wing,
tail and rudder, my Dad used the old stile house clap board for its wing
shape taper and not to long we had these parts, then came the rest struts,
motor, prop and a few other things, now done with all the parts it was time
to put it all together and we got it all done and Mom calls out dinner ready
so we went to dinner and let the glue set and after dinner back down to the
work shop for painting using house aluminum paint ;-) and by the end of that
day their was my first scratch built model ready to be played with, after
the paint dried the next day. ;-) from then on I like building scratch built
models for I could build them bigger then any plastic kit I could get.
John Marco

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