[WWI] Re: WW1 masking lozenge ??

tracy hancock atlporkchop at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 16:42:18 EST 2005

Hi all,
I wanted to pass Greg Balzer's excellent idea along to
add to the already wonderful ideas everyone has
contributed. Thanks guys.
I think I will do all I can to add the lozenge last,
but if all else fails I'm gonna try Greg's idea
because it too cool!!
cheers, tracy


Once again I'm blocked by firewalls at work, so I'll
send this directly 
to you, but you can re-post to the list if you'd like.
 That way 
everyone can comment.

Masking over lozenge is always dangerous, but I've
found that using wet 
newsprint works wonders!  Cut a stencil to shape out
of newspaper, soak 
it in water, let it dry to dampness, lay it on your
kit, lightly press 
into place and spray.  Give the paint a minute to set
up, and using a 
needle lift the mask off...et voila!



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