[WWI] Looking for Windsock Datafile Albatros D V

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Thu Feb 3 15:34:47 EST 2005

Ady advise me:
"There may be some "tweaking" to the plans here and there but I 
know of a couple of instances (in the Dr.1 special for instance) where
plans were tweaked incorrectly, making them less accurate in some
than the originals."

<Mr. Bill voice>  OOOOhhhhh Nooooooo!!!!  The Dr.I Special was the one
I've been using.
   I know this may seem like heresy, but I have come to have *only so
much* faith in published plans.  (Reference the list archives regarding
my tirals and tribulations with the Nieuport 17 plans in the Datafile
vs. the Datafile Special for Nieuport Fighters.)  No matter who is
drawing them, they are still a two-dimensional representation of a three
dimensional object, and therefore, IMHO, subject to error more often
that I think some would like to admit.  Still, I do like knowing which
plans are considered the most accurate.

Not throwing out his Eduard F.I
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