[WWI] Added:Morane N

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 3 14:20:53 EST 2005

Paul Thompson wrote:

>The Flashback version of the older Eduard N has skis, IIRC. Comes with a PE
>fairing to be shaped to replace plastic you cut from in front of the
>cockpit, and has some resin cockpit parts in place of the earlier PE, but
>the plastic is the same as the N, so if you can find one cheap you can make
>another N from it and still have the bits needed to convert the new kit to
>an I.

That would make a great  kit-bashing project, indeed.

If I were a betting person, I would not be surprised to see a Type I 
released as a version of the new kit sometime in the not too distant 
future, probably as a Profipack with resin cowling parts and resin/PE 
skis, much in the manner that variants of the Nieuports showed up (as 
Ni. 23, 21, etc.), and the Camels (F.1, 2F1). Seems to be a pattern.

One can only hope. :-)


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