[WWI] Looking for Windsock Datafile Albatros D V

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Thu Feb 3 14:22:50 EST 2005

Kostas writes:

"With a little patience u will find it in Ebay."

True enough.

"but the best book for the albatros is smisthonian restoration book."

I'll second that, a great book, and well worth the money spent if you
like D.V's

Question for the list:  I got the Albatros Fighters Special for
Christmas, and IIRC, in the intro they said that this book was a
compilation of the Albatros D.II, D.III, and D.V Datafiles along with
some photos that were new, some the same, and *updated* plans.  Anyone
know if the plans in the Special are better/different that those in the
previous individual DF's?

Who would stop copulating to watch a D.V fly over the house

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