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Once again I'm blocked by firewalls at work, can you please post this response.

Masking over lozenge is always dangerous, but I've found that using wet newsprint works wonders!  Cut a stencil to shape out of newspaper, soak it in water, let it dry to dampness, lay it on your kit, lightly press into place and spray.  Give the paint a minute to set up, and using a needle lift the mask off...et voila!



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Seeing Chris' remark about Post-it notes reminds me.
The great thing about Post-It notes is the low-tack adhesive, and that
they pull up easy without residue.
But you can make your own!  3M sells Post-It note glue in a little glue
sticks, you rub it on the paper you want to use, and go at it.
So you can make a full mask for most 1/48 or 1/72 aircraft from an 8x11
sheet of paper.  So this work VERY well for masking models.
I picked up my tube at either a Staples or Office Depot store.
- Brian

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