[WWI] masking lozenge ??

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 3 10:53:23 EST 2005


I would advise against masking lozenge.  I faced exactly this problem when I 
built the Toko kit, see:


As I mentioned:

"The only tricky bit was spraying the top part of the fuselage, which I did 
using the kit's decal as a template to cut out the correct shaped mask. My 
friend's homemade lozenge decals went on without any problems. At this point 
I completed the markings."

Maybe this is a solution for you - spray the top of the fuselage in the 
lozenge colour, mask it off.  Spray the rest of the fuselage.  Apply the 
lozenge to the first bit.


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>Subject: [WWI] masking lozenge ??
>Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 04:37:29 -0800 (PST)
>hi all,
>I wanted to ask your advise masking lozenge. I have
>currently painted the portions of my HB W.29 which
>will receive lozenge a light blue grey to fill in the
>MPM kit's lozenge; my next planned step is to apply
>the lozenge and seal with Future. On the rear fuselage
>I will have to mask the lozenged area off to paint my
>fuselage color, will the Future be strong enough to
>resist the low tack drafting tape without me losing
>any lozenge?
>This will be my first attempt at applying lozenge, so
>any hints, warnings or advise is appreciated,
>especially as it applys to the wings as I have never
>dealt with decals this large.
>cheers, trepidatious tracy
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