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Hi all

I clipped the following from the Eduard newsletter. It's not strictly OT, 
but it's interesting at a time when we *still* regularly hear people 
bemoaning the imminent death of the hobby. I guess the numbers in Vladimir 
Sulc's statistics prove at the very least that Eduard is THE 800lb gorilla 
of aftermarket...


For a change, we'll start off with photoetching . The promised statistical 
data: in 2004, we released 425 new sets. 177 of them were colored. Most of 
them were in 1/35th scale, with a total of 143, 111 regular format sets and 
32 Zooms. Aircraft sets in 1/48th scale totaled 85, 45 of which were color, 
plus 39 painted Zooms. 1/72nd scale aircrat sets amounted to 49, 27 color, 
plus 23 Zooms. 1/32nd scale: 32 sets, 11 painted, plus one color Zoom. 
1/72nd scale AFVs: 20, as well as an assortment of color seatbelts in 
various scales for racing cars. Ships in various scales: 8, 5 of them 
painted. There were three 1/24th scale seatbelts for aircraft, and the 
remainder in the number are two sets of grids in the 00 line. We sold 
365,164 pieces of the photoetched sets, without the BIG ED sets

<Yikes!  1000 sets every day isn't bad....Shane>

which are not included within this count. Of the BIG EDs, we sold over 4000 
units, and if they contain an average if 4 sets per package, we're looking 
at some 16,000 further etch sets that left our plant. The best seller of the 
year were the color seatbelts, as usual. The most popular among them was 
item 49 001 USAF/USN seatbelts WWII, with 6,600 sold pieces, making it the 
absolute photoetch bestseller, followed by the Luftwaffe seatbelts (49 002) 
with more than 6,200 sold units. The best selling 2004 set was the 1/72nd 
scale set for the German U-boot type VII (Revell).

<end quote>

So the question is not "why so few new kits?"


"where the hell do they find the time when they release an average of well 
over one new item per DAY?"


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