[WWI] PE razor saws

Robert Laskodi laskodi at launchnet.com
Wed Feb 2 20:01:34 EST 2005

<<<Could you tell me/us where you got yours as I've been looking for a
set of both.  Last time I checked Hobby-Link Japan was out.>>>
I got mine from Hobby Link Japan. And yes, they are almost always
out-of-stock (they are that popular!). Place your order and be patient, you
need to get in the queue, and you will get them eventually. It took me four
months to get them! But they're worth the wait. Rainbow-Ten also stocks
Hasegawa tools, but I don't know about their availability. 
Hasegawa Trytool TP-3, Modeling Saw Set
Hasegawa Trytool TP-4, Modeling Saw Scriber
Both are/were 1200 Yen each (about $12)

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