[WWI] PE razor saws

Robert Laskodi laskodi at launchnet.com
Wed Feb 2 16:55:05 EST 2005

I have the Hasegawa Trytool version of these. They are a "must-have",
IMNSHO. They come in two types, the modeling saw set, and the modeling saw
scriber set, and yes, I have both. The difference is the "scriber" set is
finer toothed, and thinner, to make finer cuts. In addition, the "scriber"
set does exactly as the name implies, you can also replace scribed lines
with it. I don't use my "pointy" type scriber very much any longer, the
"scriber" saw set has rendered it obsolete. As an added bonus, since they
come in about 10 different shapes (including curved) you don't need to lay
down a piece of tape/ruler to scribe a straight line, especially around
circular shapes (like fuselages!). An indispensable part of my tool arsenal
that I could not do without!

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