[WWI] Antoinette Latham Monobloc info?

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Wed Feb 2 17:17:48 EST 2005


I believe to have seen a large model of it, but I do not remember if it was
in Londons Science Museum or in MAE at Le Bourget or maybe both.

The engine is probably the same as used in the ordinary Antoinettes,
two of which have survived, I have plenty of photos of those 50hp engines.

If traveling home via Paris next time I am going on break, then my intention
is to visit "Musee des Arts et Metiers" - the old Science Museum in Paris
which may have something.   

> can anyone point me to any info at all on the antoinette monobloc?
>especially photos and drawings would be hugely appreciated, but any data at
>all will be most gratefully received.

Knut Erik

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