[WWI] PE razor saws

S Hirve ot811 at msbx.net
Wed Feb 2 13:23:39 EST 2005

    I think Eduard makes it, and there is another company whose name escapes me at the moment.  But more importantly ......
Talking to Greg Balzer recently, he mentioned that he had great success with using simple cotton to cut through ailerons.  Greg oughta pipe up, or you need to contact him directly.
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>hi all,
>I have seen references to photo etch razor saws, who
>makes these and where can I get them? Does anyone have
>any experience with these? I am wondering if they will
>make cutting ailerons and such loose any easier? My
>razor saw has a pretty small kerf, but it could stand
>to be smaller. TIA.
>cheers, tracy
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