[WWI] Eduard 1/48 Camel 2F1

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 2 13:26:02 EST 2005


3 possible solutions.

1.  I use straight 0.005-inch wire from SmallParts Inc. that I simply cut to 
length and glue on the part from which the wire is supposed to emanate.

2. Using invisible thread or whatever you're using, drill a hole in the 
fuselage for the thread, place a little high viscosity superglue on the part 
of the thread that's going through the hole, put said piece of thread in the 
hole and hit it with CA accelerator so it'll be glued into the hole.

3. Create eye-lets that can be made by winding a loop of speaker wire 
filament around a drill bit and twisting to tigghten it, then cut it off the 
drill bit.  You then have a very small loop of wire and you glue the twisted 
bit into the hoel in the fueslage.  You can then pass however many rigging 
threads you need through said hole and glue them there.

I recommend solution 1.


>From: "Don Ralston" <don.ralston at blueyonder.co.uk>
>Am in the middle of making the 2F1 Camel and have a slight problem. The 
>control wires running from the bellcrank to the elevators go from the 
>bellcrank, through a 'guide' on the fuselage, then out to the elevator 
>My problem is this. How does one attach the control wire to the fuselage? A 
>piece of tubing looks too big and out of scale. How have other people 
>solved this?  Wire? Glue?
>PS I know this is nothing compared to Ken Foran's problems on his 
>magnificent Camel, but I'd like to get it sorted soon.

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