[WWI] John Marco Collection

John Marco john at modelartbymarco.com
Wed Feb 2 11:46:45 EST 2005

Well you tell us and will all know what it is. ;-)
ok lets play guess the airplane. ;-)
John Marco ..LOL .. more of them type photos to come! ;-)

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> Matt!
> > The last photo that was just added, which John called "prop starter for
> > that is what's going on in the photo" appears to be a two-seat SPAD.
> Well it looks strange. Which Spad this could be?
> It has a Spady nose, right.
> But no stagger in the wings... as usual with two seater spads.
> And the rest of the fuselage and the unusual mounting of the lower wing
> makes us think of a Bristol Fighter.
> The markings seems 100% American,  no European paintschme painted on with
> new serials.
> What's this ugly duckling?
> D.

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