[WWI] the call of the airplanes

Bruce Dyck bdyck at wsd1.org
Tue Feb 1 09:12:38 EST 2005

"I run inside and jibber excitedly to my wife, who could care less."  I feel your pain!

"at the pre-school where I work I have the irchins trained to find the airplane when they hear the sound and they all jump around screaming "Airplane! Airplane!"
It's called a teachable moment, and what you are doing is enabling them to gain an appreciation for history. 

"And they all know what a biplane is. . ." as my 3 year old put it "real airplanes have propellers and (usually) at least two wings!"

"And all of this time I thought I was a BAD influence,
I'll have to work on that." 
No no you are an educational influence!  

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