[WWI] the call of the airplanes

tracy hancock atlporkchop at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 1 08:53:49 EST 2005

Hi all,
Last summer I was taking out the trash on a Saturday
morning when I hear the sound of round engines and
look up in time to see a DC 3 fly over the house, jaw
and trash both dropped. I run inside and jibber
excitedly to my wife, who could care less. A bit
disgruntled I go to check my email and here the sound
of multiple round engines and rush outside to see 3,
count 'em 3 Golden Age trimotors!! The jibbering was
at it's peak then. A member of my local modeling club
said that he was at his son's softball game when the
same trio appeared, he said that the game stopped as
they flew over.
These were part of the recreation of the Ford
Reliability Tour. There was also a Sikorsky S-38
flying boat on that tour, but if that had flown over
the house I'm sure I wouldn't be here to write this.
FWIW, at the pre-school where I work I have the
irchins trained to find the airplane when they hear
the sound and they all jump around screaming
"Airplane! Airplane!"...it's pretty cool. And they all
know what a biplane is, something most pre-schoolers
most likely do not.
And all of this time I thought I was a BAD influence,
I'll have to work on that. Maybe E can give
correspondance courses?
cheers, tracy

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