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Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 1 03:23:17 EST 2005

I run an Iwata HP-C plus.  Excellent airbrush, once you learn the quirks of 
it, most of which come from the fact I shoot mostly acrylics.  I have a 
Gunze Sangyo .2mm that I used while I was in Japan and back stateside until 
I realized I couldn't get needles for it.  The Iwata seemed very similar 
after I got that.  In fact, that's the reason I went with the Iwata.  Turns 
out the needle and other parts are interchangeable.  The "plus" part on the 
Iwata HP series is the newer style with corser threads on some of the parts, 
like the nozzle, to prevent stripping.  Not a problem unless you really like 
cranking down on parts, but for only a few dollars more and the knowledge 
that they're going to that style and parts would be available for a long 
time, it was worth it.

I haven't shot my Gunze brush in a long time.  I think it really needs a 
good cleaning and maybe a new Iwata.  I believe the Gunze is a re-badged 
Iwata in Japan, same as the Tamiya airbrushes being Badgers.


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>One more time, as my ISP seems to be acting up lately...
>Report from the front...
>To begin, as everyone knows I am the eternal novice, and could fark up a
>peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Second, I have no commercial interest or
>dealings with the Iwata company or any of its representatives.
>Just finished test shooting the Iwata Eclipse gravity feed HP-CS.  I've 
>had one similar experience in my life...and that was when I discovered why
>god made girls, and then made them women.
>This thing shoots hairline smooth right outta the box...and NO THINNING!  I
>mean it is schweeeEEEET!!  I tested the pre-shading method ala Brett Green
>and Gregg Cooper using interior black acryl...unthinned, and I could
>pre-shade down to the smallest details on a 1/48 wing.  You have got to see
>it to believe it!  Then I went back with Duck Egg Blue enamel, unthinned 
>filled in each panel just up to the black pre-shaded outline.  Then I 
>off the Aztek A-470 to overshoot I highly thinned mist coat to blend it all
>together.  The Aztek is like a splatter gun compared to the Iwata, but the
>end result was simply amazing...and the first time ever attempted by "Mr.
>Strip every kit twice 'cause I'm a klutz!"
>I've heard some questions about not liking double action.  With the Iwata 
>is NO PROBLEM.  In fact, after about ten seconds it's kinda cool to control
>the paint with such confidence.  Another question was about sighting, not
>wanting the paint to start flowing off line.  Not a problem, as the amount
>of paint can be controlled to the point where your eye can pick it up, and
>adjust before you really begin painting...you've got to experience it to
>fully understand, but suffice it to say that aim, control and paint flow
>come naturally and in about the first ten to fifteen seconds.
>You Gotta Iwata, and If You Don't, You Oughta...!

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