[WWI] Tree skinning -- was: (and still is) Christmas Greetings

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Sat Dec 25 18:00:04 EST 2004

       So far as I know, the term "skinning a log" is a bastardization
of "skidding".  Many log operations used engines, both internal and
external combustion, of various sources.  Many were mounted on skids to
make them somewhat mobile.  A Renault tank would have made an excellent
   Winding up Christmas day right now.  The OT take?

Roden Fokker D.VII early Alb built, Roden Fokker D.VII late Alb built,
Roden SE5A Hispano Suiza (all 1/72nd) and the Albatros Fighters Special,
and some ot modeling stuff as well.

Hope all had a safe and healthy Christmas!


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