Volker Haeusler haeusler at tm.net.my
Tue Aug 31 22:30:50 EDT 2004

Beside those books and sources offered by Knut Erik:

> Probably the best source in English is:
> "Zeppelin - the German Airship Story" by Griehl and Dressel.
> It has a couple of pictures showing L 48 (aka LZ 95)
> Another book in English is "Zeppelin!" by R L Rimell,
> which has more on the efforts to combat the raiders.
> Bits and pieces of Zeppeliners are scattered among museums,
> I have visited the IWM and museums in Brussels, Paris, Denmark and
> Stavanger that exhibit pieces from various Zeppeliners.

There are three main sources I would recommend:

1. As a book: "The Zeppelin in Combat" from Douglas Robinson

IMHO still BY FAR the best source of information on (naval) Zeppelins in WW
I. One of the top 5 WW I aviation books in my list at the same time...

2. The "Aeronauticum" in Nordholz, the main base of naval Zeppelin
operations in WW I.

Originally a small museum run by the local Marineflieger Geschwader (flying
Breguet Atlantics now), it has been considerably expanded in the last years.

They have a webpage under


I was there *years* ago, and at that time they also had a number of rather
crude (but big) models on display. Too, they had bits and pieces of
Zeppelins, a nice photo collection (I got some really interesting photos of
the Platzschutzstaffel, equipped with Fokker monoplanes and Ago C planes, to
name just one example) and some technical documentation as well

3. The Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, the birthplace of the Zeppelin.

They also have a webpage under


They have all kinds of documentation, but are reportedly not easy to deal

4. The Bundesarchiv-Militaerarchiv in Freiburg

Here is the COMPLETE archive of the German navy in WW I, inclusive of *all*
war diaries of the Zeppelins (coming from the so called Tambach files, named
after a castle in Thuringia were they were discovered after WW II).
Microfilm copies of these war diaries are also available from the US naval

Again, a webpage is available:


where a contact email address is also shown. I always found those guys in
Freiburg very helpful...

Finally, the ULTIMATE Zeppelin model was once shown in a Windsock magazine.
There was an (American) guy who build  either L 33 or L 48 in 72 scale -
must have been around 3 m long. Can't remember the name and the issue of WS,
but the guy was the same who once did a BD 5J cottage industry model (under
the 299 Models or so logo)...


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