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Probably the best source in English is:
"Zeppelin - the German Airship Story" by Griehl and Dressel.
It has a couple of pictures showing L 48 (aka LZ 95)

Another book in English is "Zeppelin!" by R L Rimell,
which has more on the efforts to combat the raiders.

The German book "die Deutschen Luftstreitkrafte im Weltkriege"
do also have some text and photos of Zeppeliners and equipment.
Most of those chapters have been scanned and can go on a CD.

Bits and pieces of Zeppeliners are scattered among museums,
I have visited the IWM and museums in Brussels, Paris, Denmark and
Stavanger that exhibit pieces from various Zeppeliners.

There are other museums that I haven`t visited,
including the Zeppelinermuseum in Tønder.

 Knut Erik

>Return-Path: <Newman.RD at forces.gc.ca>
>Thank you for the prompt reply.  Specifically, we are looking for detailed
>drawings and plans of zeppelin L 48, particularly its gondolas, for our
>artist.  Since they were sister ships, we would also accept drawings and
>plans of the details of its sister ship, L 49, captured by the Allies in
>1917.  We have very basic line drawings -- emphasis on basic -- and a
>quantity of photos, but the photos do not show every detail, and some of the
>detail is obscured.  Would you happen to know where we could find the
>detailed drawings and plans we're seeking?   

>  I didn't get your earlier e-mail. I'm afraid Dale has
>faded into the internet. I do not have a current e-mail
>address for him. My contributors sometimes show up and 
>are active for a while, then move or leave the list never
>to be heard from again.
>On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 08:39, Newman.RD at forces.gc.ca wrote:
>> Good day, Mr. Wright.  
>> Recently we sent you an e-mail requesting how we can contact Mr. Dale
>> Straub, who scratch-built a scale model of World War One zeppelin L 48.
>> museum is constructing an exhibit about the German air raids against
>> in World War One, to include a 9-foot painted profile of the L 48, so we
>> were wondering if he could answer some questions for us about the
>> In my earlier e-mail, I also asked if you would happen to know of anyone
>> else who has built a scale model of a World War One German airship, and
>> your recommendations and suggestions on the subject.  Since a week has
>> passed without a response, thought I'd send you a follow-up in case you
>> didn't receive our first e-mail.
>> Yours sincerely,
>> Doug Newman
>> Captain
>> 22 Wing Heritage Officer
>> Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence
>> Canadian Forces Base North Bay
>> (705) 494-6011 ext. 2783
>> Newman.RD at forces.gc.ca

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