[WWI] Nieuport 17 Gun mounting

Ed Ingersoll ingersollle at gru.net
Tue Aug 31 17:58:11 EDT 2004

Mark and Lance,
Thanks for the response.
Mark, I have used your fantastic drawings for internal detailing, but like I
said I couldn't see how the cowl gun was cocked.
I the case of this 1/32 model, is it appropriate to cut an access hole for
the cocking lever?
Lance, some of the sites you mentioned were not found during my search.
Thanks again to you both.
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> --- Lance Krieg <lance.krieg at amerus.com> wrote:
> > The Hyland Type A lever, as illustrated by Mark, is a British
> > development that may or may not be appropriate to your
> > subject.  In all
> > events, it protruded below the cowl through a slot, and was
> > actuated inside the cockpit.
> Lance is absolutely right here
> I am NOT sure if the Hyland Type A lever was used in this
> aircraft - but it fit ok and looked about right.
> and I had a blueprint.
> and also like Lance said - there was no "instrument panel"
> Just a couple of dials and misc instruments bolted on here and
> there. I belive the illustrations I've made should be able to
> show where everything went.
> But, I will be making up a set of plans in the fairly near
> future that should be of more use to modelers.
> Just have to finish up this DVII first
> Thanks Lance
> Mark

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