[WWI] Fokker M.10 (?)

Volker Haeusler haeusler at tm.net.my
Tue Aug 31 06:37:14 EDT 2004


> Where are these photos? I don't know a single one. Maybe you could scan
> and mail them to me?

I try to do a few scans later today - it´s already early evening over here,
and we´re about to go out for dinner...

> > There also are some 3 views showing the M 9 (beside the Fokker Team one
> > there are at least some in Weyl´s "Fokker - The creatuive years" and in
> > Green/Swanborough "Complete book of Fighters (also in the identical
> > "Fighter A-Z" series in Air International).
> Do you recommend these books?

Well, the Weyl book is somewhat infamous by now: Weyl was working at
Adlershof (for Idflieg, the Inspektion der Fliegertruppern, IIRC) and kept a
huge archive after WW I. When "Fokker - The Creative Years" was originally
published, it was seen as a landmark title, rewriting history on those
Fokker aircraft. The book was only published after a deeply troubled Weyl
had commited suicide. When his collection passed to Peter Grosz, he quickly
found out that a lot of the "facts" in the book were actually mere fiction,
invented by Weyl, who had a obvious dislike on Fokker himself. Today, the
book is therefore seen as in a rather bad light. IMHO, this is somewhat
exaggerated again - the book has it´s strong points, offering what I still
consider the best general description of Fokker aircraft, but definitely let
down by the fact that it´s nearly impossible to tell the facts from the

The "Complete Book of Fighters" is an excellent, general encyclopaedia of
(nearly) all fighters ever build - there are some strange exceptions, like
British or some AH fighter flying boats. The book is (still, I guess)
available for an excellent price - last time I saw it at Frankfurt airport,
it cost around 15 Euro only. Somewhat general (it still describes 1700
different aircraft types in 2300 photos and 1200 (!) 3-views), it is IMHO a
good starting point to learn about WW I fighers in particular. For example,
I know no other singel source, where you can find pictures and drawings of
the fighters build in Sweden, Netherlands, Danmark, Switzerland and Mexico
during WW I....


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