[WWI] Brigg´s 504 - was: New List Member

Volker Haeusler haeusler at tm.net.my
Tue Aug 31 04:04:08 EDT 2004

Further on:

>     I want to build a Briggs raid Avro 504, since I like operational
> types. I have some photos, but no reliable drawings of the early 504. I
> am planning on using the Aifix/MPC/A-Model kit as the basis. The cowling
> is complicated- can anyone help me on this ?

I just remembered: There is an article on building a Friedrichshafen raid
504 from Ray Rimell in his series on a "British Bomber Collection", in Scale
Models September 1984. Again, no drawings, and the conversion of the cowling
is described in rather vague terms, but it might be better then nothing. He
actually build aircraft no 874, which should be Brigg´s aircraft - even
though JM Bruce has Sippe in 874 and Briggs in 873, but I guess that is no


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